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RE:V : Aoi Miyake by anipii RE:V : Aoi Miyake by anipii
For: :iconre--volution:! This group is very beautiful they are opening soon go check it out! <3

(Edit: Changed the art and a few design things, so yeah ; v;  / though the ref below is still for the most part right except for the boots and the buttons were remade. old app art work: Aoi and Doki by anipii )



  • Name: Aoi Miyake
  • Age: 21

  • Gender: Female

  • Height: 5'3 (160cm)

  • Weight: 120lbs (54.43kg)

  • Birthdate & Star Sign : Febuary 25th (Pisces)

  • District: Kyuujuuminku

  • Education/Job: College Student | Part timer at her parents allmate parts (and accessory) shop

|Team Information|

  • Team: (TBA)

  • Tag Tattoo Location: (TBA)


  • Name: Doki
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Dog (Shih-Tzu)
  • Personality:
 :Spoiled || Sociable || Loyal || Playful || Easily embarrassed:
  • Doki is quite spoiled, and possessive when it comes to Aoi and people who he knows well, though he is easy to start up a conversation with and will be polite to others, unless they come too close to Aoi, though he often likes to tease to the point where he can come off as a bit sarcastic. He is also very loyal to his owner, He will protect her with every thing he has, even if he gets hurt in the process, though he would be happy if Aoi would stop putting him in dresses.
(voice:…… )

Rhyme Form: Re:V: Doki by anipii(Will be revamped, after seeing guidelines)

|Character information|

  • Personality:

  • :Quiet || Blunt || Ambitious || Obsessive:

  • Aoi is often the person in a group that rarely talks, or is doing something like playing, or taking pictures of her Allmate. Though she is not awkward when someone comes up and talks to her, she is quiet blunt and unresponsive, and if it isn't about Rhyme or Allmates she is most likely going to loose interest in the conversation quickly. Also she is quite into Allmates, (Small ones) She runs a blog where she post pictures of Doki and other daily events, so even when she is out she is posting things on her blog. Also she has two goals that she will do anything to achieve, first is to make a Rhyme team (or join one) and help make them well known and respected, and the other goal is to make Doki an internet sensation and become famous. Once she makes her goals, she will not stop until she succeeds, She also craves acceptance from others.

  • History:
  • Aoi grew up in Kyuujuuminku, with her, well, eccentric family, who owned and made their living by owning an Allmate parts and Accessory shop (example: Animal clothing, collars, ect.) . Her parents were normally always working, and Aoi usually played in the shop dressing up her mothers Allmate in different outfits, and accessories. She used to be quite social as a child and happy, but when school started she was often made fun of by other children. because of her how her parents dressed and looked, they called her family "scary", "weird" and it even she could see the other kids parents always gossiping and talking about her parents and her . The older she got, and the more the other kids bullied her, as they became more and more physical with her, she became more and more reclusive, She started missing school and just sat in her room all day doing nothing. She gained weight and her skin got aweful, so when she did go to school she was just bullied even more.. Her parents got quite worried about her When she was 16 her parents bought her a Shih-Tzu Allmate that they customized it a bit by giving it the top knot hair style, as well as giving it the heart on its leg,  and she named him, "Doki" for the heart symbol in his fur. She quickly got attached to her Allmate and made a blog about him, putting pictures of Doki and just of things in her daily life, and her blog slowly started growing in popularity, When people would leave comments on some of her photos and other post, something made her crave more and more of that kind of positive feed back. Because of this new found confidence she went back to school and met some "friends" (other people who had a major interest in Allmates/ Really cute Allmates )who were into Rhyme, She realized that when she did good in Rhyme, it felt like more and more people were going to accept her so she worked hard to get better at rhyme and because of this, her bond with her Allmate grew even stronger. Now she spends her time working part time at her parents shop, and focuses most of her time into Rhyme and her blog.

TL;DR : Aoi was bullied a lot as a kid because of the way her parents looked, and became reclusive and started to skip school, her parents got worried,  bought her an Allmate who became her only friend, she started a blog, the blog became popular giving her a little more confidence and she went back to school met some other people who loved allmates and got into rhyme, which she likes because she feels accepted. 


Doki: Her best, and probably only friend, She is very close to him and makes sure to give him the best possible care, Also she will never change his model or get a new Allmate, or atleast try to never get a new one, she loves his model too much for that, and the memories she has with it. She is amazed he hasn't run away, because her new thing at the moment is to dress him up in dresses and such.

+ Home cooking (like her mothers)
+ Macarons
+ Home made trinkets
+ Blogging
+ Online shopping for matching outfits for her and Doki, as well as shopping in general for Doki.
+Buttons (the picture kind and the kind with the four holes- Iamsorry)
+Dog type allmates

-Large crowds/ being crowded
-School work
-Larger allmates
- Fish (and other foods with strong scents)
-Over stimulation (with mainly sound, smell, and taste, which is why she has a problem with large crowds)

Additional Information:
  • She had a tattoo across her face and another one on her right shoulder blade, as well as a tongue piercing, belly button piercing, and a few piercings on her ears. ,(she really appreciates and enjoys body art and modification )
  • Her interest in body piercings and such comes from her parents, who are covered in tattoos and piercings.  
  • The smell of fish makes her very nauseous, she has a week stomach for it, as well as other foods with strong smells
  • She has a bad habit of clinging onto things and using them against people later when they make her angry or upset.
  • Even though her voice is quiet she has a sharp tongue.
  • She wears colored contacts. (though her natural eye color is green she likes to change it up)  
  • She is kind of manipulative in the manner of her using people as "friends" to post things in her blog and such.

Extra reference:Re:V : extra ref by anipii
(… ,…)

RP sample:
"Hey....Doki..." A short blue haired girl laid down on her bed with her beloved allmate laying on her stomach with its head resting on her chest.  "Yes Aoi?" The dogs head lifted up and looked into its owners eyes. "What kind of outfit do you want to wear today?" She began to pet the Allmates back gently. "Not the dress again, Aoi." The dog stared at its owner blankly. "Ah....okay we will try something new then." She girl sat the Allmate on the bed and got up lifting her arms stretching a bit and then walking over to her closet, filled with a mixture of her clothing, as well as a lot of small dog clothing and accessories. "Doki....I guess you wouldn't want to wear your new outfit then...." Aoi pulled out a small white dress covered in lace, ruffles and bows. "Its cute isnt it, Doki?" She looked at the dog with her usual monotonous expression holding out the dress to him. The dog stared at her,his expression parallel to hers,"No"

And so their day went on as usual, Doki was dressed up and looking quite cute, and Aoi posted it on her blog, as usual.

After Aoi posted the pictures she laid back down staring at the ceiling once more. And Doki sat at the edge of the bed, not moving an inch, and quietly he mumbled.

"This is humiliation in its purest form."

Extra: Aoi's blog: (If you are interested,  it will possibly give you more in site to the character since it is her blog and there will be no "ooc" post here. Also things that happen in the rp may turn into blog post so keep an eye out for those > v <

Extra: What she looked like in Middle- Highschool, which is another reason she got bullied, she stopped caring about her looks completely…
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