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Illeg: Autumn Lerwick by anipii Illeg: Autumn Lerwick by anipii
• Name: Autumn Lerwick
• Age: 17
• Gender: Female
• Height: 5'3
• Weight: 112
• Birthday:  March. 15th

• House: Gryffindor
• Year: Sixth

• Personality
|| Blunt || expressionless || Calm|| Brave || Helpful || Studious ||
Autumn has always kept herself calm and collected, in any situation. Though she may come off as uncaring to some the reality of it is that she does care but is often unable to express it through her voice and face, Also even though she has problems conveying her emotions if any one is hurt or in trouble she will quickly come to help, or assist them. Also she keeps up with her studies very closely, and she spends most of her time studying. 

• Background
In a small flat lived a happy family,out together to the park every day, the mother stayed at home with her child, and the father worked hard to support the family, though their child had a bit of a problem, The child from the time she was born, never showed too much emotion, Her mother became very worried quickly, but her father decided that it was just a quirk and let it be, though her mother kept trying and trying to make her smile. One day her mother took her to a book store and that's where she saw, "him" she pointed at a smiling and buff man on the front of a comic book she walked over to the book flipping through some of the pictures, the man was flying about helping people, and he always had a smile on his face, and she was hooked, she kept trying to hand the comic to her mother to the comic telling her she wanted it but, her mother shook her head and laughed and said, "Autumn my love those are for boys..." And she went home with out the comic. Though, at home she got her blanket and tied it around her neck and began to put on a bunch of random objects and toys, she used a paper plate with two holes in it for the eyes and secured it around her head with string, she wore some of her most colorful socks, and to finish it off a pair of her inflatable arm bands that she used for swimming as her muscles , She was ready to go help people, but something was missing, "....ah" the little girl grabbed one of her markers and drew a big smiley face on the paper plate, perfect. She ran out of her home to go and start helping people, The smiley faced hero, did simple things like helped some older people carry bags and, she even helped calm another little girl who fell off her bike and bumped her elbow. she stayed out until late that night and when she got home the police were outside of her home, she went inside to see her mother panicking talking to the police describing Autumn and her Father was sitting on the couch with his hands running through his hair, both of them didn't look so good, when her mother saw her she screamed running up the her child picking her up holding her tightly, and her Father let out a heavy relieved sigh and joined in. She was scolded later and was sent to bed without supper, but when she told her parents what she had done that day they actually seemed kind of happy. And though in her home they didnt really celebrate birthdays, on her birthday her parents gave her a thin package, wrapped neatly with a bow, she opened it and although her face remained expressionless, she began jumping up and down and with out a word she ran up to her room excitedly and grabbed her mask and put it on, and she hugged her parents tightly. 

At age 10 Autumn and her parents were on a trip in the countryside, when there was an accident, both of her parents were stuck in the car and the person in the other car was freaking out, Autumn passed out for a few minutes but soon snapped out of it and woke up, crawling out of a broken window of the car and began to try and help her parents, being a small ten year old wan't going to do much so she just crawled back into the car and held both of her parents hands telling them it was going to be okay, until help arrived. 

Her parents recovered from the Accident, luckily there was nothing too severe, Autumn stayed at her Aunts house (her fathers sister) for a few weeks with her parents just to make sure that they were going to be alright.

At age eleven a strange envelope arrived for her from a strange school, after getting the envelope her parents began to fight and things got stressful, until one day her parents sat her down and began to talk to her about the school, and after thinking about it, she decided to go, and her parents respected her decision and sent her off to the school, Hogwarts. 

• Family
Mother: (Muggle) Originally from France, her mother taught her many things, and she is Autums closest friend, She looks up to her mother for guidance, She is the person who made her the stuffed animal she always carries around, (though it was supposed to be just an owl at first Autumn insisted on making it a cat as well so, Autumn named it Caowl, she is not very creative with naming, she named her pet owl, owl.) But she is one of the biggest inspirations in Autumns life, and Autumn makes sure to write to both her mother and father every day, though most of the letter is aimed at her mom, because she knows how much her mother misses her. (Also, didn't think that this was important at the time but her mother was in the worst condition after the accident, leaving her paralyzed from the waist down.) 

Father: (Muggle)  Although he is the stricter parent he is the one who would do any thing to spoil and care for his daughter, He met her mother on a short trip to France and brought back his wife who he is happily married to, though he is head strong sometimes, and doesnt like to admit it, he does worry a lot about Autumn and will send small gifts to her often, because even though he knows that she is more attached to her mother, it just makes him want to spoil his little "super hero" even more. 

• Likes & Dislikes:
[I like....]
-Quiet places
-Cakes and other pastries 
-Her mothers home cooking
-Caowl ((Carl)) (Her stuffed animal where she keeps some small notes and reminders in the heart pocket) 
-Comics(With superheroes) 
-Muscular men

[I dont like....]
-Loud environments
-Lots of stress
-Surprises (bad surprises) 
-People who challenge her

• Elective Classes: 
- Care of Magical Creatures
- Divination
- Apparition 

• Extra Curricular: (Optional, no more than two)
- Ancient Studies
- Magical Theory

• Spells:
-Aparecium-Revealing charm
-Accio-Summoning Charm
-Gemino-Duplicating Charm 
-Relashio- Relasing Charm
-Locomotor - Locomotion Charm
-Obscuro- Blindfolding Spell
-Incendio-Creates a jet of flame which expels from the casters wand

• Wand Ingredients - 
Core: Unicorn hair 
Length: Eleven Inches 
Flexibility: Slightly Springy  

• Pet 
Name: Welly
Species: Persian 
Gender: Female
Personality: Playful with a serious face, always causing trouble and running around, has a crush on a cute chubby cat, whos owner is from the same house as Autumn.

Stuffed Animal: Caowl
Species: Half cat, Half Owl 
Gender: Switches with Autumns mood
Personality: Is a stuffed animal
Orgin story: "His name is Caowl...A stuffed animal my mom made for me..." She put the paper slip back into the stuffed animals pocket. "...I told her I wanted a cat, then changed my mind and said I wanted an owl....and I kept on switching things around and she just made Caowl...."

• Achievements (TBA)
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